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Farar & Lewis LLP fights vigorously to help victims of car accident personal injuries obtain the best possible settlement. We are one of the top Car Accident Law Firms, specializing in car accident, and auto related, accidents. When you work with our car accident law firm, you’ll never pay an attorney fee unless we win your case. If you don’t win your case, you don’t pay our fee. We believe in 100% transparency, and will never mislead you. When we say, YOU DON’T PAY US, we mean it. As one of the premier Car Accident attorneys, we work diligently in order to help you.

Our team of car accident attorneys make this promise, because we are confident in our ability to secure a successful outcome. We believe that every injured person has the right to top-notch service. The amount of compensation you can get depends on the type of car accident case and how severely you were injured. Our award winning car accident attorneys will work with you to determine how much compensation you can expect to get, and then do their best to ensure you get it. Rest assured, our team of car accident lawyers will handle this stressful process, so you can focus on your health, and recovery.

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  • Personal Attention

    When you’re in a car accident, the injuries from it can cause you severe pain, and make it impossible to work. In this vulnerable state of mind, the opposing insurance company may try to coerce you into accepting an unfair settlement for your personal injury. This is exactly why you need a car accident attorney at your side! will protect you from unfair tactics that insurance companies may use. If you are unable to work due to your injuries, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your time. When we take on your case, we handle everything, from the paperwork – all the way to settlement, or trial.

  • Respected Lawyers

    Our car accident lawyers are recognized, as trustworthy, and exceptionally talented in the Los Angeles community. Our firm has won over $50 million in combined verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. In addition, our lawyers have been recognized, and awarded, by lawyer ranking platforms like Super Lawyers, Avvo, Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and many other ranking services.

  • No Fee Ever. Unless We Win.

    Our firm never charges a fee, unless we win your case. In the event we cannot win your case, we charge nothing. There are no upfront fees ever either. Our car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, that means we’re never going to charge you upfront fees of any sort. We only get paid IF and WHEN you get paid. If you don’t get paid, WE don’t get paid.

-Risk Free Consultation. No Upfront Fees-

If you or someone you know needs help, it will cost you nothing to discuss your injury case with an attorney. Give us a call anytime or contact us via the form below.

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  • "I had an accident that almost cost me my life. At first I was not going to pursue a case because, I was thinking how could I afford an attorney being a college student? But Farar Law changed all of..." -Rhyann H.

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  • "I was driving home merging onto the 110 S/B FWY, when I was rear-ended. Immediately, I felt pain to my lower back and neck. Initially I thought I would be okay, but as time went by I wasn't feeling any..." -Robert F.

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  • "My daughter and I, were victims of a drunk driver. He went off the freeway and landed on my vehicle. My back window was shattered and my baby was in the backseat. Luckily we were okay. Sore and bruised, but..." -Amanda Ortega.

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  • "I had an accident that almost cost me my life. At first I was not going to pursue a case because, I was thinking how could I afford an attorney being a college student? But Farar Law changed all of..." -Fabian V.

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If you or someone you know needs help, it will cost you nothing to discuss your injury case with an attorney. Give us a call anytime or contact us via the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long do I have to sue if I am injured as a result of someone's carelessness or negligence?

    This question is asked quite often in our personal injury law practice. Unfortunately, the answer can be complicated and depends on the circumstances of your injury.In general, and depending on the laws of the state where your accident occurred, you must file a lawsuit for personal injuries within two or three years of the date your injury. On this page we will look at the time limits, known as the statutes of limitations, for filing different types on personal injury lawsuits and at the possible exceptions to those statutes.Statutes of LimitationsEach state places time limits on when a personal injury must be filed. These time limits are called the statutes of limitations and are strictly enforced by the courts. If your lawsuit is filed one day after a statute of limitations has “run out” or “expired,” the court will generally refuse to hear your lawsuit.The statutes of limitations on civil cases such as personal injury will vary from state but, in recent years, these statutes have tended to become more uniform. The following examples should be taken as what they are, examples, and not literal statements that apply to every case in every state.Personal InjuryThe statutes of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit can vary from one year to six years from the date the injury occurred. In general, most states have fixed the statute of limitations this type of lawsuit at two or three years. Our practice is based in Arizona, where the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is two years from the date of injury.Medical MalpracticeThe statues for medical malpractice, like those for wrongful death, are among the most variable from state to state and is usually two or three years. In Arizona the statute for medical malpractice is two years. but there can be exceptions to this statute in Arizona and many other states.Wrongful DeathIf an accident results in a death, in most states an eligible survivor must file a lawsuit with two or three years of the date of the victim’s death. In Arizona, the statute for wrongful death lawsuits is two years although the can be several important exceptions to this statute in every state.Exceptions to the Statutes of LimitationsIf the statutes of limitations were strictly observed there would be numerous instances where justice could be denied to personal injury victims. Each state has its own set of exceptions that may apply to personal injury lawsuits that can be filed regardless of a statute of limitations' status. Examples of such exceptions are described in the following section.DiscoveryIn some cases, a statute of limitations begins to “run” at the time an injury first becomes known to the accident victim. An example could be that an injury to a person’s spine is not discovered until six months after an accident. In such cases, the statute runs from the date the injury is discovered rather than the date of the accident.Discovery in Medical MalpracticeIn some states, the statutes for medical malpractice can begin at the time the effects of the act of malpractice became known or should have been known by the victim. Since there is considerable variation from state to state regarding this exception, it is necessary to discuss this issue with an attorney familiar with the individual state’s laws regarding this matter.Late EffectsIn many cases, exposure to some toxic or cancer-causing substance may not produce symptoms until years after the exposure. In most of these cases, the statute begins to run from the date of first diagnosis of the condition.Tolling of a Statute“Tolling,” or “suspension” of a statute may be applied 1) in cases where the victim was considered a minor at the time the injury occurred, 2) when a party to a lawsuit was unable to respond due to imprisonment or being in the armed services, or 3) if a party to a lawsuit was judged to be mentally incompetent. Tolling is not allowed in some states.How we can helpAs you can see from the information given in the previous sections, the statutes of limitations can be quite difficult to understand for someone who does not have a background in law and legal proceedings. Fortunately, there are attorneys that are always ready to assist you with your personal injury lawsuit questions


    Accidents are an unfortunate part of life, occurring in the blink of an eye and without warning. While most accidents do not result in serious or ongoing injuries, those that are serious may take months or even years to resolve. If you have been injured in an accident, personal injury law provides you with a way to seek monetary compensation for your accident related expenses. The following is an overview of how personal injury law works and the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit after an accident.Personal Injury Accidents There are many different types of accidents that can happen during the course of our everyday lives. However, some types of accidents lead to personal injury lawsuits more often than others. Some of the most common accident types include:

    • Automobile Accidents
    • Motorcycle Crashes
    • Commercial Truck Accidents
    • Slip And Falls
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Dog Bites
    Common Accident InjuriesAccident related injuries can range from minor to severe. Those who suffer severe injuries may become disabled and suffer pain for years. Some accidents can leave victims suffering from:
    • Burns
    • Crush Injuries
    • Broken Bones
    • Amputations
    • Brain Injuries
    • Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Facial Disfigurement
    Statute Of LimitationsHow long you have to file a lawsuit after an accident, depends on the statute of limitations in the state where the accident occurred. If you are filing a lawsuit for personal injuries, many states allow you 2 years from the date of the accident. Other states may give you 3,4,5 or 6 years to file your claim. Because it can often be difficult to know exactly how much time you are allowed, it is best to speak with a personal injury lawyer for advice. Failing to file your claim within a certain period of time, will most likely result in your case being thrown out of court. The law may give you a different amount of time to file only for property damage after an accident. Again, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for personal property damage depends on the laws set forth in the state in which the accident occurred. Government EntitiesThe statute of limitations is almost always shorter if you were injured due to the negligence of a government entity or someone working for the government when the accident occurred. The time frame allowed to notify government entities of your intent to file a lawsuit is significantly lower in most states, sometimes as little as just 6 months after the date of the accident. It is important to note that the statute of limitations is simply for the filing of your lawsuit, not the amount of time it takes to resolve. DamagesIf you file a lawsuit and are awarded a judgement, you may be entitled to obtain money for certain types of damages. Some of these damages may be:
    • Doctor Bills
    • Hospital Costs
    • Emergency Room Fees
    • Pain And Suffering
    • Emotional Distress
    • Lost Wages
    • Future Lost Wages
    Some states may allow accident victims to obtain punitive damages if they were seriously injured or if the at-fault party was grossly negligent and caused their injuries. This type of judgement is subject to the laws in the state where the lawsuit was filed. If you were disabled due to the accident, you may be able to obtain money for future lost wages. This type of judgement is designed to compensate you for money you can no longer earn over the course of your career because you were hurt due to someone else's negligence. Calculating future lost wages is a very complex process and is best done by an experienced personal injury lawyer. Do You Need A Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?If your injuries were not serious and you do not have high medical bills, you may be able to resolve the case on your own. However, some cases require the assistance of an attorney. If the insurance company refuses to pay, if you are disabled or if you will need ongoing medical care it is usually best to hire a lawyer to represent you. If you are not sure how much time you have to file your claim, contact a lawyer for advice. After speaking with you, a lawyer will let you know the time frame you have to file and how to proceed with your lawsuit.

  • How much does it cost to speak with you about my situation?

    Car accidents occur all the time. Many are minor to the point there’s little damage to vehicles, and drivers don’t even notify their insurance companies. If the cost of the repair is less than the cost of their deductible, it’s easier to forgo insurance and pay cash to handle issues of this nature. Other accidents cause more damage, but they’re still relatively minor. When an accident is bad enough to cause injuries, many people are inclined to contact an attorney. When the accident is minor and causes little damage and no injuries, it’s a fairly simple process. You pay the deductible on your insurance policy, you get your car fixed, and you go about your business. It’s inconvenient and annoying, but it’s nothing to consider contacting a lawyer about. These accidents are quick and easy to correct, but it’s when you are involved in an accident where injuries occur you want to take the time to contact an attorney. Injuries change the game. There is only so much insurance companies are willing to pay in terms of medical bills whether you’re working with your own insurance company or another one. There’s nothing easy about it, but most insurance companies will pay up to $10,000 for an injury and nothing more. You might have health insurance that helps cover the cost of your bills, but ongoing injuries can take a serious toll on your finances regardless. If you’re considering contacting an attorney regarding your situation, you might wonder how much it will cost you. Calling a Car Accident Lawyer Most attorneys charge nothing for the initial consultation. Others charge their fee when they win their case. Others charge a small fee for an initial consultation, but most everyone is willing to provide this appointment free and clear for their potential new clients. Most personal injury attorneys provide this service free of charge because they know that dealing with a personal injury case means dealing with financial issues for their customers. If you’re injured in a car accident, find an attorney who will not charge you for your first visit. This is how you’re going to find out what you need to do to get the help you need. Before you make the decision to call, you want to know why it’s beneficial to discuss your case with an attorney prior to settling an accident claim. Why Call a Car Accident Attorney Injury cases are sensitive. As previously discussed, there are some issues with medical payment. While some people are able to seek medical treatment for well under the limit insurance companies are willing to pay, many are not. If your medical bills exceed $10,000, you shouldn’t have to pay them if your accident was the fault of someone else. The second consideration is your financial situation. If you are incurring medical bills this large, there’s a good chance your income is affected. If you have to remain in the hospital or you are out of work for your injuries to heal, you’re probably not getting paid for your time. This is called lost wages. Lost wages are often devastating to those who experience them, because they need income. Many families live paycheck to paycheck regularly, and the idea of not being able to handle that is a problem. If you lose wages, you need to seek damages to help with your situation. This happens when you file a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident in the first place. You don’t know if you can file a lawsuit until you talk to an attorney, and you don’t know your rights until you speak with one. Many people rely on the advice of the insurance agency handling the case to find out what to do, what paperwork is required, and to handle the situation. The problem is the other driver’s insurance company isn’t on your side. They might pretend to want to help you, but they’re going to ask you to release your medical history, which they’ll use against you if they find any reason not to pay your medical bills. It’s imperative you speak to an attorney regarding your case. You have rights, and you have to fight for your rights if you want to get what’s yours. Don’t allow your lack of knowledge regarding accident and injury law to prevent you from seeking the kind of damages you need to survive financially. You did not cause this accident, and you shouldn’t pay the ultimate price of a financial downfall when someone else is to blame for what occurred. Call an attorney to seek a free consultation to discuss your case, the laws, and what you can do to make it right in the future. 


    If ever you are involved in a car accident, you might not realize your car is a total loss right away. You might assess the damage on the scene and assume it looks perfectly fixable. You have it in mind someone’s insurance will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle, and you’ll get it back in a few weeks. You’ll drive a rental car for a while, but you’ll have your vehicle back before you realize it was gone. For many victims of car accidents, this does not happen. It turns out their car is a total loss, but they don’t know right away that it’s the case. It takes a few days for the insurance adjuster to get back to them, and the news is often shocking. While some people are happy to go out and buy a new car, others are upset because that’s not in the budget. They might have spent years saving for a down payment to buy their dream car to get the payment in their budget. They might have a nice car that’s paid in full and has no payment. There are many situations that upset drivers when they realize their car is a total loss, and it’s rarely good news for anyone. If you are a victim of a car accident and learn your car has been declared a total loss, what do you do? The answer isn’t always what you believe. Who Pays for a Total Loss Vehicle? If you are involved in an accident in a no-fault state, you are dealing with your own insurance company no matter who caused the accident. In this state, it doesn’t matter who is to blame for an accident. All drivers go through their own insurance agency to seek help paying for the damages their car incurred. The bad news is there are some strict guidelines involved in a total loss case. If your car is a total loss, the insurance agency is only required to pay you fair market value of your vehicle. This sounds fair at first glance, but many people purchase brand new cars and drive off the lot causing serious depreciations. If your car is financed for more than fair market value, you won’t get a payout that’s enough to cover the pay-off of the vehicle. In the event your vehicle is a total loss, we can help you find a new car thanks to companies like Zooomr Car Lease, which offer car leases in Los Angeles on a short term basis.This means you have no car because it’s a total loss, and you still have to make the car payment because you don’t have enough money from the settlement of the accident to cover the cost of a new vehicle. It’s a dangerous situation in which to find yourself. Many people cannot afford to continue paying for a car they no longer own. Of course, it happens in many instances. This is where GAP insurance is helpful to have. It’s something you purchase directly from the dealer when you purchase a car. This kind of insurance pays the gap between fair market value and what you owe on your car if you are involved in a collision that totals your vehicle. If you don’t owe money on your car, you’ll end up with a check in the amount of fair market value. It might be more than you thought, but it might be less. Either way, this money can be used to put down on a new car or to do whatever you please. It’s also important to know the insurance company gets to keep a totaled car to sell for parts and pieces if they see fit. You can ask to have it back, but most will not adhere to this term. Total loss vehicles typically occur when the damages to a vehicle are more than the value of a car. If the cost of repairing a car is more than the cost of buying the car new, it will be declared a total loss. There are different laws in different states, but this is the general rule. LawsuitsIf your car is totaled in an accident and someone else is to blame, you can file a lawsuit. You’ll want to call a personal injury and accident attorney to find out what rights you have, how you can pursue this avenue, and what you can do to recoup the cost of your total loss. You might have some options in many states, and an attorney is your best course of action figuring out what steps to take. Calling an attorney can help you negotiate a bigger settlement, and it can also allow you to seek additional payment to help with the cost of purchasing a new car or paying your medical bills. Call an attorney today to find out what rights you have in a situation like this one.

  • What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

    Being involved in a car accident, regardless of severity, is an emotional experience. Fear, anger, disbelief, anxiety, and pain are just a few of the emotions that will surface when this type of event occurs. With so many emotions controlling you at one time, it is important that you know what to do when an accident occurs so that you protect your rights as an accident victim.Every step you take, or do not take, at the scene of the accident can have a lasting impact on your right to seek compensation for your losses. However, even if you miss a few of these steps, working with an attorney should eliminate some of the problems that may occur. Steps To Take After An AccidentGather InformationIf your injuries do not prevent you from doing so, try to take pictures of the scene of the accident as soon as possible. Take pictures of the surrounding area as well. Take pictures of the other vehicle if possible. Look for any road signs that may be near the scene and photograph them as well. Your attorney will be able to use all of this to build your case.You will also want to get information from the person involved in the accident such as their name and contact information, information about their car, and their insurance company name and policy number. In many cases, this information will be contained in the accident report. Look for any witnesses and ask for their contact information. Seek Medical Evaluation At Time Of AccidentYou will want to be examined in the emergency room at the time of the accident. Even if you believe that your injuries are minor, have a physical exam. Bumps and bruises may actually be fractures, and your headache may not be stress but actually a concussion or whiplash.You are not required to go by ambulance, but you should inform the police officer that you are going to the hospital to seek medical care so that it can be documented in the accident report. While it is true that most insurance companies allow you to seek medical care for injuries from an accident for up to 7 days, this is not advisable. After 24 hours, insurance companies often start denying medical claims because they say that the injury may not be actually related to the accident. Seeking immediate medical care protects your health and your rights.Write Down EverythingAs soon as you are able to, write down everything you remember about the event. Think about what you remember just prior to the accident. Document the weather and road conditions. Did you notice the other driver or vehicle doing anything unusual? Every bit of information that you write down will build your case and help you recall the events clearly when necessary.It is also very important to create a separate document and write down everything you are experiencing from the injuries. Are you able to do everything that you would normally do? What are your pain levels and experiences? What have you had to have someone else do for you while you are recovering. Documenting your injury is a great way to aid your case and help your attorney show the true damages of the accident.Refrain From Giving Oral Or Written Statements To Insurance Company Right AwayYou should refrain from giving any type of statement to the insurance adjusters about your health, injuries or losses before seeking legal representation. Many insurance companies use these “interviews”” as a way to find information that they can use to decline your compensation. It is beneficial to you to have an attorney with you before giving any type of statement. Remember: It is your right to decline a statement until you have legal representation, regardless of what the adjuster tells you at that time.Speak With An AttorneyIt will always be in your best interest to speak with a personal injury attorney about your accident and injuries. Your attorney will provide you with the information you need about your rights to seek compensation for your losses. Your attorney can prepare your case and present it to the insurance company on your behalf. They will make sure that the insurer provides complete and fair compensation for all of your losses. Your attorney will also make sure that during your recovery period you receive all of the medical care you need to make a full recovery. Insurance companies often like to advertise as being caring and compassionate. In reality, these insurance providers are just interested in paying out as little as possible on any claim. Protect your rights as an injury victim by securing quality legal representation and allow your attorney to work on your behalf. This will allow you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries instead of worry about legal issues.

  • What to do after a car accident

    For victims of auto accidents, their world can turn upside down in a hurry. Along with the physical injuries, there are numerous financial worries that inevitably ensue. Lost wages, along with medical expenses totaling thousands of dollars, add up to make life difficult at best. And to make matters even worse, the other driver's insurance company is pressing hard to prove the accident was your fault. In situations such as these, it's vital you speak with an experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyer so that your legal rights are protected to the fullest extent. Whether it's knowing the legal ramifications involved in these situations or how much in damages can be claimed after the accident, speaking with a lawyer who has expertise in these cases can mean the difference in winning or losing your case.Legal Ramifications When an auto accident happens, victims often fail to take into consideration the many legal ramifications that result from these situations. One of the most important involves insurance companies, which can prove to be very aggressive when it comes to offering low settlements in an effort to prevent future litigation from the victims. Unfortunately, many victims fall for this tactic, thinking the insurance company is simply trying to help them. But what they fail to realize is that by accepting a much lower settlement than they might have been awarded in court, they have signed away any chances they may have for future litigation. Therefore, it's extremely important to speak with an experienced car accident attorney before signing any documents associated with an insurance company. By taking this important step, you may be able to avoid making a mistake that could cost you thousands, if not millions, of dollars in compensation.After the Accident Even though an accident scene is extremely chaotic, there are numerous things you should try to do if possible while at the scene. First and foremost, be sure to get the name, address, and phone number of the other driver. Along with this, make sure you get information about the other driver's insurance policy, since this will be information your attorney will need. If you have a cell phone available, take as many pictures or videos as possible. This evidence can prove to be crucial when attempting to prove your case, since having this evidence will ensure the case will no longer rely exclusively on your word versus that of the defendant. In addition, get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident, since they may be called on to testify if the case goes to trial. Finally, make sure the police are called to the scene of your accident. In doing so, you'll be sure a formal police report has been filed. However, when speaking to the police, do not admit to anything that turns out to be inaccurate or incorrect, since this will be used against you by the defendant's attorneys or insurance company.Recovering Damages When it comes to recovering damages in an auto accident case, many victims are often unaware of the types of damages for which they can be compensated. In almost all cases, medical expenses and lost wages are the most important areas of compensation, since these expenses add up quickly and severely impact the victim's quality of life. Along with these damages, you may also be able to recover damages associated with the pain and suffering you have experienced following the accident. While you may assume pain and suffering pertains only to physical injuries, the emotional and psychological injuries resulting from the case should factor into the compensation you seek for the accident. By working with a lawyer who understands the devastating effects an auto accident can have on numerous aspects of your life, you will be able to seek the full and fair compensation you deserve.Consulting a Car Accident Attorney If you are involved in an auto accident, consulting with an attorney should be one of your first steps. Of course, if you are injured, it's imperative you seek medical treatment prior to speaking with an attorney. Once you are ready to do so, speaking with an attorney will allow you to explain the circumstances surrounding the accident, and also let the attorney ask you questions that will help determine if you have a valid case. When speaking with the attorney, be sure to discuss as many details as possible about what happened. Even though there may be things you think will not be important for your case, those decisions should be left to your attorney. Also remember that since your attorney will be offering a free consultation and working on a contingency-fee basis, you will not need any upfront money in order to pursue your case. However, if you have been involved in an accident, be sure to file your claim in a timely manner, since California has a two-year statute of limitations when it comes to filing personal injury claims. By taking these steps and working with a lawyer who is committed to seeing that justice is served, you will gain the compensation you and your family deserve.